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Crafted by a Futurist


VERSEATILE was founded by Aditya Mehrotra, an award-winning Digital Marketer and Brand Strategist with a Gold Medal Master's degree from King's College London. The idea for the company was born out of a research module at King's Business School in 2022 that focused on evaluating brand perception, value, and engagement for consumer brands in the Metaverse through gamification features and historical citations. The research employed methodologies from InterBrand's Global Brand Valuation and Juho Hamari's sections on brands and gamification, producing groundbreaking results and new opportunities.

With his previous experience in understanding Web2 digital marketing and the success of his previous company, The Brandtastic Co., Aditya was able to create and align a global perception of the Metaverse, Web3, and dimensional marketing. Rather than selling new possibilities, VERSEATILE helps brands and professionals build the "Right Pivot Mindset" to gain a first-mover advantage in the virtual world.

Our team has a track record of success with over 70 mid-market and enterprise brands around the world, built on our core values of understanding ground realities and constant innovation. VERSEATILE's elements, including The Brandtastic Co. and Sustainr., have worked with organizations such as The King's Entrepreneurship Institute, the Mayor of London Entrepreneur's Award, and UCL Entrepreneur, and have been featured at TEDxKCL.

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